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Allexi Conn, Founder of WrightOnn, Ink(TM) Writing, Creative, and Business Services (2016-present); BA (Writing Concentration) and Psychology, Cum Laude, Keynote Speaker (2015), has been writing since she was old enough to hold a pencil. She has the writer callous to prove it. ✍🏻

At age 10, she started getting noticed for her writing, most notably when her dad’s favorite band and one of her favorites, had responded to a heartfelt e-mail she wrote. The response she got (for her dad) was one 🎵”in your wildest dreams”. 🎵Moody blues_temp

In her blog, titled “Thoughts Unbridled: of a 90s Kid Romantic Strategist Contemplating the Contemporary”, Conn merges down-to-Earthness with eloquence, digital trends with humanity, confidence with vulnerability, discretion with bold creativity.

“I write about whatever compels or inspires me, whatever provokes my heart or mind at any given time. That covers a lot of ground and clouds. For now, the blog is eclectic, but I plan on honing in on a project soon.”

Blog topics include writing and language, nature and wildlife, people and relationships, music and art, pop culture and 90s nostalgia, society, food and beverages, and business.

Allexi Conn’s writing, typically in first-person, includes fiction, non-fiction, autobiography and anecdotes, and a kaleidoscope of blurred, intersecting lines and transient mandalas of jagged, mirror and brushed glass-ends, jade and rosy gems that keep changing.

“I hope to intrigue, entertain, or provide a new perspective for readers–or to start conversation. Conversation would be great!”

Allexi encourages readers and interested clients to contact her (via the Contact tab).

Thanks for checking out my blog.

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